The Words


Rusty Things

My first series of art quilts dealing with time and its effects on memory. To learn more just click the little blue words.





RustCall Me Maybey Things II

My second series of art quilts exploring the accelerated corrosion of rural life. To learn more.





Altered BooPregnant book insideks

Projects of a delicious nature. Deconstructing and reconstructing books. To learn more.





Making FWalk thumbaces

Fabric portraits and other acts of realism. To learn more.






Susan TeachingTeaching

Workshops and classes. For a complete list, learn more.





edit TomNeighbourhood

Stuff going on in my community. Learn more.






Proces1 crows

I love seeing capable hands do what they do best. I’ll post different process videos as they become available.




Biavatar blue 2o

I am an artist and maker of things living rurally with a family, community, and a creative spirit all informing my work. Learn more.


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