Altered Books


Seasons Book interior

Seasons interior


I stumbled upon a book called Altered Books Workshop by Bev Brazelton a number of years ago. I was immediately intrigued and pretty much hooked. I started making books right away and have loved the process ever since.


Pregnant book inside

Pregnant interior

Pregnant book interior

Pregnant interior












In my last year of art school, my drawing instructor, Monique Fouquet, had us work in series for a whole semester. It was a light bulb moment for me. Before, I felt tongue tied trying to make a painting “say” what I wanted it to, trying to make it do too much. After, I could let the paintings each have a sentence or a phrase, and wonderfully speak to each other. Suddenly it all began to make sense for me and miraculously to my viewers.

Altered books have for me the same spirit. Each page tells a bit more and reveals the narrative, depending on the previous and the next images. I find these pieces deeply satisfying.

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