Making Faces

Candle with Hair (Handle with Care)


I stuck my tongue out at her. She stuck hers out at me. Then we both laughed.

So it begins. Teaching my baby girl to stick her tongue out was such a small thing, but so joyful. And it was the beginning of a process of mimicry that will hopefully guide her life (at best) and come back to bite me in the butt (at worst).

Even before she was born, I was interested in portrait quilts. I have made several of her and her baby brother over the years. Now at nearly twelve, she’s more into eye-rolling. (I’m not sure I should take the credit for that one.)

My portrait quilts, lovingly referred to as Making Faces, continue to be a joyful part of my practice. I enjoy taking commissions for these unique portraits (see contact page). I have had the opportunity to teach this workshop across the Maritimes and hope to take it even further. It is a two day workshop that beginners and more experienced quilters and crafters can all enjoy.

I charge $800 for the workshop plus travel and accommodations. (see teaching page or contact)

Nancy and Shelby

Nancy and Shelby

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