Rusty Things




The more dissatisfied we are with current conditions, the more we dream of either how much simpler the past was, or how much better the future will be. The shine goes off the new just as surely as the patina grows on the old. Past and future are both viewed unrealistically.

I tend to think of past generations as clean-living honest folk. I get surprised when struck with truths about alcoholism, abuse, despair, debauchery, pride and pain. (My grandmother couldn’t have been sexy!) The romanticized view of the “good old days” belies the truth that times could be tough, and mostly were. Personal and cultural history get wiped clean through rose coloured rear view mirrors.

This series of art quilts is therefore about the effects of time; nostalgia, decay, remembering, forgetting and fabricating story.

I have developed a technique for printing intricate patterns and complex images on fabric using RUST. I reproduced antique photographs in this way and paired them with rust mono prints of actual objects found here on the farm. The resultant pieces speak to me of preservation, corrosion and irony. (pun intended.)

I produced this series in 2011 and 2012 with the assistance of partial funding by the Nova Scotia government through a Creation Grant. I gratefully acknowledge their support.



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