Rusty Things II



“Wind and rain and salt and sun                               in time make all things come undone                         and everything becomes a rusty thing.”

John Manley 1998.






It is becoming more and more difficult to live rurally. Globalization and big box stores provide whatever-whenever shopping experiences but starve out Mom and Pop operations. Food security regulations make growing your own food prohibitive. Services dry up and more people move away. In the last two years my community has lost a gas station, a co-op store, a feed mill,  a fuel depot, a lumber mill, four out of ten husbands to the oil patch (out west) and rural postal delivery is now threatened.

This series of art quilts is about the accelerated corrosion of rural life in Nova Scotia. It no longer takes generations to see drastic change to our way of life or environment. In this series, I depict parts of our culture that we have recently lost or are on the brink of losing. I reproduced photographs in fabric using RUST. The images have a patina that speaks of days past, reminiscent of sepia photographs. The juxtaposition of present day images presented in a time based medium points out how quickly they could become history, and begs the question,”What are we going to become nostalgic about next?”

I set goals for my work which include accessibility. I want viewers to be able to recognize and understand the pieces as they relate to their lives. My work is technique driven. I place great value in excellent craftsmanship. This series would not be the same constructed and printed using a computer. I am analogue in an increasingly digital world.

This project was partially funded by Arts Nova Scotia with a Creation Grant. I gratefully acknowledge their support.


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