I get many wonderful opportunities to work in my community. Recently, I was honoured to work with the grade fours and fives at Scotsburn Elementary school on a Quilt of Valour project.

Quilts of Valour present veterans with a hand made quilt to express appreciation for their service and sacrifice.  Every year I give my children’s teachers an art process in their classroom. This was such a perfect fit for my son’s class.  The donated quilt must be sturdy and washable, so it seemed daunting to try to teach 42 students (and their teachers) how to build a quilt in less than two months. I was introduced to a process for printing photographs on fabric (using Bubble Jet Set, thanks Regina.)

Each child created an artwork expressing their gratitude. Many of the pieces were multi-media with beads and fabric and paper and paint and plasticine and collage. I photgraphed them all and printed the fabrics. With donations from the community, I was able to assemble the quilt top and quilt the piece in time for the school’s Remembrance Day Service on Nov.10, 2014.

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The project was successful on so many levels! Most significantly for me was the way in which the children embraced the notion of giving and thanks-giving. It can be really difficult to give without the expectation of thanks. These kids understood that to give this quilt to an anonymous veteran would parallel their gift of service to us not knowing who we were when they vowed to defend and protect us.

Check out the nice article in the local paper.

As completely adorable as the children are, I will not post photos of them, as I do not have permission from their parents, nor themselves.

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